Connecting Land and Community

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Community Conservation

OLT GOAL: Our diverse constituents are connecting to the land, learning and sharing about resource management, and discovering the value of land conservation.


The Legacy of Stewardship

A Landowner's Guide to the Okanogan

A deeply informative resource for landowners in the Okanogan; for newcomers and ol' timers alike.   

(P.S.  Our volunteers put this booklet together back when the organization was still known as the Okanogan Valley Land Council. )


Birding Activities

Our own avian aficionados coordinate and host social events for the birds! For example, in winter OLT members are invited to participate in North Central Washington Audubon Society's "Christmas Bird Count."  OLT members are also coordinating a Friends of the Bluebirds society to maintain nest boxes along country roads.  Birding activities are a great way to meet neighbors, tour the country, learn a thing or two about our feathered friends, and just have fun!


Okanogan Poetry Reading

Members of the OLT's poetry society  gather annually for a mid-winter shindig and fundraiser.  We sip on brews and wine, nibble on potluck finger foods, reconnect with friends, and bask in warm and tingly reverie as we listen and share verses and odes inspired by the places and people we love.

NEW! Enjoy the words and verse of our OLT poets. Now available for download: 


Youth Field Day Events

E.g., the Oden Road Fire Study
In the spring, OLT members organize a field trip offering students hands-on experience in observing and documenting the gradual recovery of disturbed habitats.  In years past we've studied the restoration of a riparian zone.  Currently, we co-host Okanogan High School's Advanced Biology class as they monitor life's recovery from the Oden Rd. Fire that scorched 10,000 acres in 2009   The survey is followed by a public presentation by the students, including lectures from experts on fire ecology.  

Stewardship Work Parties

Every now and then a special project comes to our attention and OLT members mobilize to serve their community with a concerted dose of labor and love.  Examples of OLT stewardship projects include building and installing nesting platforms for loons, planting trees, and restoring and preserving sensitive habitats through re-vegetation, fence repairs, and the construction of designated trails and camp sites.  Community work parties are member-driven and inspired-- where do you see a need?


Educational Events

The OLT sponsors and hosts a variety of public educational events, including guided hikes and presentations about the flora, fauna, geology, and history of the Okanogan. 

The OLT co-hosts informal gatherings for landowners, to answer your questions about conservation.  We also host certified learning events for professionals (e.g., real estate agents, accountants, lawyers, public officials, etc.).  Please contact the OLT if you'd like to us to organize a presentation for you and your neighbors or colleagues!


Easement Monitoring

Although our annual monitoring process is technically one of our responsibilities in land protection, it's really an outreach opportunity, too:  building relationships between landowners and the land trust.  OLT members can play an important role in land protection, too, as volunteer field assistants during monitoring season, as well as during the establishment of baseline documentation.