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Latest Issue: 

Winter 2023 

Outdoors with local youth; message from a former OLT Board President; a conservation career niche; hellos and goodbyes


Read past issues of Common Ground here: 

Spring 2023 (external link)

All about willows; fresh faces; learning about soil; and more! 


Fall/Winter 2022

OLT acquires land; Wooly Bear caterpillars; a tribute to Jerry DeBacker; and more!


Summer 2022 (external link)

Derelict fence removal; the song of the Swainson’s Thrush; morel hunting; Mystery Plant; and more!


Spring 2022 (external link)

OLT accredited; 893 more acres conserved; living with wildlife; poetry; and more!


Fall/Winter 2021

Chickadees; conservation + restoration; message from the ED; and more!


Summer 2021 (external link)

Climate change; conservation funding success; living with fire; salvage logging; and more!


Spring 2021 (external link)

Bluebird boxes; a new conservation easement; a new Executive Director; seeing green; and more!


Fall/Winter 2020

OLT protects two new properties; working for wildlife; why I support OLT; and more!


Summer 2020 (external link)

Salmon education & outreach; Fernne Rosenbladtt; plant id contest winner; and more!


Spring 2020 (external link)

Ongoing projects update; summer stewardship; plant id contest; and more!


Fall/Winter 2019

(Tunk Creek conservation easement; donation establishes OLT’s endowment fund; new ED; salmon outreach; and more!)


Fall/Winter 2018

(On the ground; events and gatherings; conservation easement stewardship)


Fall/Winter 2017

(Wildlife corridor conservation easement; Meadow Mouse; new Conservation Associate; and more!)


More archived issues of Common Ground coming soon! 




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