Land Conservation

OLT works to conserve the region’s unique landscapes for generations to come.

Conservation Easements

As an established land trust, our primary tool for land conservation is the conservation easement, which is an agreement with a private landowner who desires to protect their land from future subdivision and development.

Conservation easements are designed to conserve specific features and assets of farms, ranches, forests, waterways, and wildlife habitats. They help to preserve the special qualities and resources that are important to our community, while also keeping the conserved land in private ownership. As such, the owner continues own and manage their land and pay local property taxes.

For more information about conservation easements, see Understanding Conservation Easements.

Also see Frequently Asked Questions about Conservation Easments.


As the easement holder, OLT has an obligation to monitor each conserved property annually to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the easement. This is our best opportunity to connect with landowners and discuss any questions, concerns, or plans they have regarding their properties.

Strategic Partnerships

We also collaborate in strategic partnerships with other conservation organizations and agencies. These collaborations involve a holistic approach to conservation. For example, a conservation initiative may involve a land trust working with willing landowners to place property under conservation easements, a conservation district working with the same landowners to implement conservation practices on their properties, and a salmon-focused organization working to improve water quality and salmon habitat on the same landscapes.

See Community and Conservation Partnerships for more information about some of our partners.

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